Vertical Flowsensors



The FloMetrix vertical sensors consist of 4 different options. They can measure up to 600 lbs/min, 2000 lbs/min, 4000 lbs/min, and 5000 lbs/min. They accurately measure total accumulated weight and current flow rates at ambient temperatures above 32 degrees F. Designed for vertical installation. The sensor recommendation will rely on the size of spout leading into ie FM600=4", FM2000=6", FM4000=8" and FM5000=10"

  • • Captures data not previously available

  • • High accuracy at constant flow rates

  • • Light and compact design allows flexible placement

  • • Gentle on seed

  • • Self-cleaning

  • • Does not restrict flow

  • • Output to a PLC, or can be integrated into existing automation systems from the flow meter PLC

FloMetrix Flow meters are available with capacities ranging from 2,100 to 300,000 pounds per hour.