FloMetrix is proud to announce a new line of non vertical flowmeters or NV flowmeters. These inclined flowmeters can be installed in an existing inclined spout or conduit without changing the geometry. The NV series consists of 5 different models that can handle 2k lbs/min, 5k lbs/min, 10k lbs/min, 15k lbs/min, and 20k lbs/min. Each flowmeter has been thoroughly tested and works with the accuracy similar to our vertical flowmeters. In addition, the installation is easy, quick and cost effective. The inclined flowmeter is available now and ready to be ordered. Please contact Michael Misra (our quality assurance and customer care manager) at or at phone 515 520 1882 on how to order. They will be shipped in 6-8 weeks after the order is placed with same terms and conditions apply as other vertical flowmeters.




This Real-time In-line Inclined Flowmeter has been selected as an AE50 winner for 2019. The award sponsored by ASABE’s Resource magazine recognizes the top innovative new products produced in 2018. Product description and photo will be included on the ASABE website and in the January/February issue of Resource magazine.